“As deficit rains during the monsoon period have resulted in

“As deficit rains during the monsoon period have resulted in

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Hermes Belt Replica Bengaluru: The Karnataka Farmers’ Association (KFA) on Monday gave the state government 15 days to meet their demands, including loan waiver, minimum replica hermes birkin 35 support price for all crops and compensation for drought, failing which they would resume and intensify their stir.”We are suspending our agitation till December 4 and giving the government 15 days to meet all our 39 demands. If they are not fulfilled, we will resume the stir and intensify it across the state,” KFA President KT Gangadhar told reporters in Bengaluru.The KFA has made a representation to state Co operation Minister Bandeppa Khashempur at the Freedom Park in the City Centre where thousands of farmers from across the state staged a day long protest demonstration against the state government’s indifference to their woes.”As deficit rains during the monsoon period have resulted in drought in 17 of the 30 districts across the state, the affected farmers should be given Rs 25,000 per hectare as compensation for suffering crop loss,” said Mr Gangadhar.Among the demands are subsidy on seeds and fertilizers for rabi crop, fresh credit at lower interest rate for purchasing farm machinery to increase yield per acre and completion of all irrigation tanks and projects for expanding cultivation.Assuring the farmers of considering most of their demands, as some of them would take time and require resources, Mr Khashempur said the JD S Congress coalition government was committed to protecting their interests.”Our government is pro farmer and agriculture is a priority sector for us, as 60 per cent of the people are dependent on farming and horticulture. We will study your demands and try to address many of them, if not all due to constraints,” said Mr Khashempur.Earlier in the day, hundreds of farmers reached the city by buses, trains, trucks and tractors from 20 districts including Ramanagara, Mandya, Mysuru, Kodagu, Kolar, Gadag, Tumukuru, Shivamogga, Hassan, Haveri, Hubballi, Belagavi and Bagalkote as their demands remained pending months after the the current government was formed Hermes Belt Replica.