Courts and Tribunals In addition to the International Court of

Courts and Tribunals In addition to the International Court of

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uk canada goose outlet This main body of the UN settles legal disputes submitted to it by States in accordance with international law. The Court is composed of 15 judges, who are elected for terms of nine years by the General Assembly and the Security Council.Courts and Tribunals In addition to the International Court of Justice, a wide variety of international courts, international tribunals, ad hoc tribunals and UN assisted tribunals have varying degrees of relation to the (such as the tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon).The International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), were established by conventions drafted within the UN, but are now independent entities with special cooperation agreements.What Is International Law? International law defines the legal responsibilities of States in their conduct with each other, and their treatment of individuals within State boundaries. Its domain encompasses a wide range of issues of international concern, such as human rights, disarmament, international crime, refugees, migration, problems of nationality, the treatment of prisoners, the use of force, and the conduct of war, among others uk canada goose outlet.