Furthermore, the death rate for heart disease in men has

Furthermore, the death rate for heart disease in men has

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Fatal crashesIn 2018, there were 66 fatal crashes. Thiscount is 16% lower than the average crash count for the previous 10 years (79 in 2008 2017). In 2018, there were 71 people killed. Unfortunately, many people incorrectly assume that heart disease is primarily a disease of older men, canada goose outlet online uk and that cancer is the leading https://www.cengooseoutlett.com cause of death for women in America. Last year alone, cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of nearly half a million women, and according to the Women’s Heart Foundation, when canada goose outlet orlando adjusted for age and other canada goose trousers uk factors, the mortality risk from cardiovascular illness is 1.7 times higher in women as compared to men. Furthermore, the death rate for heart disease in men has decreased by 17 percent since 1979, but it has only declined by 2.5 percent over this same period for women [2].

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