It is often called a What The Market Will Bear (WTMWB) price

It is often called a What The Market Will Bear (WTMWB) price

canada goose THE Pentagon has confirmed that Russia has developed an unmanned underwater nuclear drone that has the potential to devastate US ports and harbours, according to a leaked government report.The paper, published by the Huffington Post, argues that America has been left exposed because Russia has continued to develop nukes since the end of the Cold War, while the US has reduced their role in its security strategy.The US Defence Department cites this risk combined with growing military threats from China, North Korea and Iran to argue for increased spending on nuclear weapons.Russia has embarked on a modernisation of its nuclear arsenal, the paper says.strategic nuclear modernisation has increased and will continue to increase its warhead delivery capacity, and provides Russia with the ability to rapidly expand its deployed warhead numbers, the draft paper states.addition to modernising Soviet nuclear systems, Russia is developing and deploying new nuclear warheads and launchers.efforts include multiple upgrades for every leg of the Russian nuclear triad of strategic bombers, sea based missiles, and land based missiles.The mention of the is the first time the Pentagon has publicly confirmed the existence of the weapon, referred to elsewhere in the document as a or autonomous underwater vehicle.Russia first teased that it was working on the weapon in 2015 when blueprints of the drone were filmed over the shoulder of general during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin and broadcast on state television.Experts argued at the time that the exposure of the plans wasn an accident; it was a deliberate warning to Washington and the rest of the West.The Russian blueprint claims that the weapon, known officially as Ocean Multipurpose System Status 6, has a range of 10,000km, can descend 1km below sea level and can reach a top speed faster than 56 knots. It is designed to carry a 100 megaton nuclear warhead.US intelligence agencies detected that Russia tested the drone when it was launched from a Sarov class submarine in 2016, The Washington Free Beacon designed to kill civilians by massive blast and fallout, former Pentagon official Mark Schneider told the Free Beacon at the cheap canada goose time.Russian government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that to achieve radioactive contamination the weapon envisage using the so called cobalt bomb, a nuclear weapon designed to produce enhanced amounts of radioactive fallout compared to a regular atomic warhead.cobalt bomb is a weapons concept conceived during the Cold War, but apparently never actually developed. Weapon could be used to threaten the US two nuclear missile submarine bases in Georgia and Washington state.possesses significant advantages in its nuclear weapons production capacity and in non strategic nuclear forces over the US and allies, the paper also building a large, diverse and modern set of on non strategic systems that are dual capable (may be armed with nuclear or conventional weapons).non strategic nuclear weapons modernisation is increasing the total number of such weapons in its arsenal, while significantly improving its delivery capabilities. canada goose

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