You have seen these two in action when they didn’t think

You have seen these two in action when they didn’t think

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Whitaker has drawn bipartisan criticism and a lawsuit. As a result the limited amount of space at various shelters have filled up instantly and people are being turned away. I don’t know what the solution is except for the city to pour more money into overnight shelters but that never really turns out successfulanyway, that is horrible, and indicative of our cities desire to “put up with” a crisis instead of focusing on the things that might actually make a difference in people lives, like mental health and empathy. Warming shelters are a thing, but they are not a place to spend a quiet contemplative night of comfort, it subsistence only.

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All I saw was his skateboard, but he didn wield it like a weapon with me at any point.Ask for clarification before calling me a liar, please. This isn exactly a week old account.They and various activist groups say there is no correlation. Eventually, the camp moves.

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